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Evgeny Kolesnikov: The next game we will start with zero

Date: 24 may 2018, 16:12
Source: Press BC UNICS
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One of the heroes of the first match of the United VTB League UNICS - "Nizhny Novgorod" (84:66) is the guard of UNICS Evgeni Kolesnikov, he scored 16 points and made 6 rebounds, summed up the meeting.

- How do you assess the outcome of the match?

- I appreciate the results of the match, we won confidently, +18, said Kolesnikov. But the next match will start from zero, even after a confident victory. We are preparing to play further.

- And what happened in the third quarter, when the guests reduced the gap to two points?

"The guests began to put pressure, we  did not score a few shots, the attack was knocked out of us, but then we adjusted the game both in defense and in offense, returning to our advantage in 10 points."

- What do you think about the matches in Nizhny Novgorod?

- We are determined to finish the series in three games, not giving the opponent a chance at his site. If they feel confident at home, it will be difficult, houses and walls help.

- It turns out that the second place of UNICS in the regular season gives the team the right, most likely, for one home match?

"We still have to play according to the formula that is in effect at the moment, it has changed, it's not for us to discuss whether it's bad or good. We need to play and win away ", summarized Eugeny