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UNICS will play against Khimki!

Date: 01 jun 2018
Source: Press BC UNICS
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Having beaten Nizhny Novgorod with a score of 101: 86 and 3-1 in the series, Kazan deservedly reached the "Final Four" of the VTB league.

Today the hosts started in this starting five: Melvin Ejim, Quino Colom, Grigory Shukhovtsov, Trenton Lockett and Evgeny Kolesnikov. As for the guests, the Belarusian forward Vladimir Veremeenko, who missed the second and third matches due to an injury, was warming up before the match. Today he was announced for the game. And the game started with the duel of Colom and Peter Gubanov, 6: 8 - only they first scored points in the match, until Lockett joined. And Gubanov for three and a half minutes did score 11 points, against 9 by Colom, 11:11. And only then Stevan Yelovats the main sniper of "NN" hit, who scored in two matches in Nizhniy 50 points.  Maurice Ndour and Stephane Lasme entered the game, 11:18 on the scoreboard. Anton Ponkrashov and Jamar Smith came to the parquet floor.  Guests first substitution took place only closer to the end of the quarter. UNICS made a spurt 7-0, 20:22. Finally, in the last minute of the starting period, Ponkrashov restored the balance in the account, 24:24. A dashing quarter.

Pavel Sergeyev entered the game in the debut of the second quarter. Ivan Strebkov responded to the "three"  of Ponkrashov, 27:28. Here  Veremeenko went on the floor in  "NN", Vladislav Trushkin in UNICS.  29:28, 34:37, 39:37, 41:41.  Both benches are burning in the fire, loudest "comments" on the game are made by Panin, who had by then seized 4 fouls. Finally, the first to break through were UNICS, Ndour and Colom score three-pointers, and then Ndour dunks, 49:41. Cool match! 

The first four minutes of the third period was dictated by UNICS, 61:45, a spurt of 12-0! The hosts literally suppressed the resistance of "NN", running away again and again, almost without a miss, 67:48 in the middle of the quarter. It came to the "plus 20" - 70:50. And most importantly, what is clearly visible, the owners are fresh. So they played for 10 minutes in the quarter 26-13. Perhaps this was the key point of the meeting.

Yes, at one point the guests started to score three-pointers, 86:70, also Egim finished the game with five fouls, 89:73 after the tenth hit of Nizhny Novgorod from behind the arc, but in general the game superiority of UNICS was no longer in doubt. The "Final Four" was getting closer. Yelovats scores a lot, 91:80 for 3-20 to the end. "NN" does not want to end the season. The hosts generously allowed the guests to reduce the gap in the score to 8 points, 94:86, and play another 2-08. Not everything is clear in this meeting. Again a nervous ending. But UNICS has confirmed its superiority and will play with Khimki in the first match of the Final Four. And thanks to "NN" for a wonderful basketball, but UNICS is still stronger.

UNICS (Kazan) - Nizhny Novgorod (Nizhny Novgorod) - 101: 86 (24:24, 25:19, 26:13, 26:30). The most productive: UNICS - Colom (16 + 11 assists), Ndour (24 + 9 rebounds), Lasme (18); "NN" - Gubanov (20), Panin (10), Elovac (27 + 9 rebounds), Strebkov (11).