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Maurice Ndour: "We are happy to play in the Final Four"

Date: 01 jun 2018
Source: Press BC UNICS
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Maurice Ndour became the most productive player of his team in a victorious match with "Nizhny Novgorod", gaining 24 points and making 9 rebounds.

"It's a very difficult game, Ndour admitted. "Nizhny Novgorod" fought desperately in all four games of the series. So we had a hard time. But in the end we managed to focus on the most important thing - tough defense and aggressive attack. Fortunately, our physical condition allowed us to play quickly and intensively. Therefore, we are so happy. Especially well we managed the third quarter, which became the key in the match. We attacked with great success, having scored almost all of our throws, and equally well it was possible for all our guys. We confirmed and consolidated our leadership, played with great energy and desire.

- Is there enough time to prepare for the meeting with Khimki?

- Quite enough. For me, three days or a week will be enough for normal preparation for the match with Khimki. This will be one game, perhaps the most important in the season, having won, we will be able to fight for a place in the Euroleague. What else could be more important?

- What do you think about Khimki?

- This is a good team, where there are enough strong players. But we can beat them, what we did twice during the regular season. Moreover, everything will be decided in one meeting, the main thing is to focus and put on it, go to the game completely ready, show your basketball and play with the usual energy.