Don't mess with UNICS! The second «hundred» and «+55»!

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Kazan UNICS responds smartly to jokes about themselves in social networks. Following Nizhniy, Astana also paid, comparing the Tatarstan top club with echpochmak. As a result – 109:54 on the scoreboard and greetings in the form of "-55" for Kazakhstan "baursaks".

Five white-green basketball players scored double-digit points at once. Vince Hunter was the most productive with 20 points. Louis Labeyrie brought the team 17 points and 5 rebounds, Jalen Reynolds added 16 points. Anthony Brown has 13 points and 5 rebounds. Nenad Dimitrijevic scored a double-double of 11 points and 11 assists. Daniil Aksenov, who has 13 points and 7 assists, and Igor Kanygin with 10 points became the best in the Astana team. UNICS won the fourth victory in the four opening rounds of the VTB United League regular season and rose to the top spot in the standings.

UNICS (Kazan, Russia) - Astana (Astana, Kazakhstan) — 109:54 (27:20, 28:20, 32:6, 22:8).
UNICS: Hunter (20+3 rebounds), Labeyrie (17+5 rebounds), Reynolds (16+2 rebounds+2 assists), Brown (13+5 rebounds), Dimitrijevic (11+9 assists+3 steals)
Astana: Aksenov (13+6 rebounds), Kanygin (10).


Velimir PERASOVIC, BC UNICS head coach:

«Congratulations to the players on the victory. Today we played a good match, especially in terms of intensity in defense from the first seconds. In the first half, Astana played great on offense and scored a lot of hard shots. But after a long break, we kept the intensity and found a way to punish them. I think the team has gained momentum and is playing very smoothly. Therefore, it is important for us to preserve this chemistry in the future».


«An amazing game and a crushing victory! Not every match ends with an advantage of 55 points. I hope we didn't offend the Kazakh team too much. In my opinion, everyone performed well today. We defended aggressively, made 13 steals and 24 assists – these are really excellent indicators. We tried to take advantage of the size and looked for big players under the basket. As can be seen from the score sheet, we succeeded, because all our big players scored a lot of points».

Oleg KISELEV, BC Astana head coach:

«It's hard to comment when you lose with such a difference. If in the first half we held on and stayed in the game, then in the second half we completely collapsed. It turns out that against top teams like UNICS, we can only hold out for the first half. We will work on the errors and look for the reasons. For technical reasons, we are missing two American players. I'm sure our defensive and attacking formations would look different with them».

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