Start the pre-season with a win over the reigning champion!

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UNICS beats Zenit in the first friendly game in St. Petersburg with a score 72:63.

The starting quarter was left for the wards of Velimir Perasovic (20:17). However, in the second ten minutes the hosts managed to win back the gap and take the lead: 36:32. After a long break, the alignment has changed. UNICS dominated at the 3rd quarter - 25:12 at the end of the ten-minute period and "+8" for the guests. They managed to keep the break even in the 4th quarter, which the teams finished equally - 15:15.

Daryl Macon became the main hero of the match as part of the white-greens, who “shot” 21 points into the opponent's basket.

The maximum advantage of UNICS during the meeting reached "+15".


Daryl Macon (21 points; 2 rebounds; 2 assists; steals)
Jalen Reynolds (14 points; 9 rebounds; 3 steals)
Louis Labeyrie (10 points; 8 rebounds)
Nenad Dimitrijevic (7 points; 5 assists)
Georgy Zhbanov (6 points; 5 rebounds; 2 assists; steal and block shot)
Mikhail Kulagin (6 points; 2 rebounds)
Vince Hunter (4 points; 5 rebounds)
Vyacheslav Zaitcev (4 points; 3 assists).

Andrey Vorontsevich and Artem Zabelin did not take part in the match.
Anthony Brown has not yet arrived at the club's location.

On September 3 at 18.00 in St. Petersburg there will be a second match between the teams.