UNICS beats the standing Euroleague leader

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Kazan on the Basket-Hall parquet left no stone unturned from the Euroleague leader and inflicted the second defeat of the season, the most titled club in Italy - 97:71. In the middle of the final quarter, the hosts' lead in the score was "+35"! Our guys dominated the boards (rebounds - 39:18), and also threw 14 three-point shots into the basket of the best defending team of the tournament with an impressive 48% of hits from beyond the arc. The most resultative among the winners were Isaiah Canaan and OJ Mayo, both scored 42 points and implemented 11 of 17 long-range attempts. John Brown III scored 19 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists.

UNICS (Kazan, Russia) - Olimpia (Milan, Italy) - 97:71 (19:17, 25:16, 27:16, 26:17, 26:22).
UNICS: Canaan (22 + 5 rebounds), Mayo (20 + 2 rebounds), J.Brown III (19 + 5 rebounds + 3 assists), Jekiri (10 + 7 rebounds), Brantley (8 + 3 rebounds), Spissu ( 7 + 6 rebounds + 6 assists).
Olympia: Melli (10 + 3 rebounds + 2 steals), Shields (10 + 2 rebounds + 2 steals + 2 block shots), Datome (10 + 2 assists).

The Italians came to Kazan in the rank of the sole leader of the tournament with 8 wins and 1 loss (from Bayern, headed by ex-UNICS coach Andrea Trinchieri). But the statistics were for Kazan, in the framework of the Euroleague in the previous four matches, UNICS won three victories over the 28-time champion of Italy with one defeat.
The hosts started the game with Milan in the following combination: John Brown, Lorenzo Brown, Dmitry Uzinsky, Jarrell Brantly and Mario Hezonja. Andrei Vorontsevich and Janis Timma, who was not declared, were left out of the game.
In the first quarter, Kazan immediately had to catch up with the Italians, who attacked with a good percentage of hits - 2: 5, 6:11. At first, only  Browns scored in our team, more John, who got a rare three-pointer for himself. He evened the score 15:15. The first quarter is for UNICS, 19:17.
At the beginning of the second quarter, Kazan knocked down the Milanese - 30:19 after two consecutive "three" of OJ Mayo. Isaiah Canaan effectively came on as a substitute, having scored three times in a row from a distance. At some point, the guests closed the gap, 36:26, but Canaan continued his well-aimed shooting - 44:33, the result of the first half. 
In the third quarter UNICS continued to subvert the leader of the tournament. Once Milan got 8 points - 52:40, but was immediately pushed back a decent distance. Canaan continues to bomb someone else's ring - 62:45, Isaiah's fifth three. Mayo brings the hosts' advantage to 22 points - 69:49. The result of the quarter is 71:49.
In the final ten minutes, the defeat of the tournament leader became a fact. Milan was crushed - 93:60 after a throw of Marco Spissu. Only after reaching an advantage of more than 30 points, Kazan allowed themselves to slow down a bit.



“I feel great because we played against the best team at the moment in this competition. Today we scored everything. It’s not normal to score like today but we had a lot of games where we had problems with our scoring. Today we scored some really, really tough shots. That helped. Also our defense was good. We played with heart, which is important to beat an opponent like this.”


“It feels good to get a good win on our home court against a good team. We just tried to feed off the crowd. We worked hard all week and it really took a team effort tonight. The fans were amazing. They came out in the cold and we just wanted to reward them with a win.”


“I’m proud of myself. I’m happy I could help the team get a big victory like we did. But we still have a lot of games to play. I can’t linger on this too much because we have another home game Friday. And we gotta win that one as well. We’re always like this but tonight it came together at the right time.”

ETTORE MESSINA, AX Armani Exchange Milan head coach:

“Congratulations to UNICS. They deserved it. They were better in every part of the game. And we had no chance from the first minute. Every team experiences some horrible nights during such a long season. It was our turn tonight. We will move on. We have a game in 48 hours and we need to be prepared for that. Again congratulations to Coach Perasovic and his team and good luck.”

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