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According to the results of the Final Eight Championship of the Children's and Youth Basketball League, Kazan juniors took 8th place.

Our team won its only victory on the first game day over their peers from the SSOR (Tver region) - 79:67 (30:17, 24:11, 6:21,19:18). The main creator of success was guard Nikita Ivanov, who stopped short of a double-double with 24 points and 9 rebounds. Playmaker Semen Sharonov has 18 points, 4 rebounds, 4 steals and 3 assists. Yaroslav Prishedko scored a double-double of 13 points with 11 rebounds, and also added 6 assists, 2 blocks and a steal.

In the dramatic semifinals, the white-greens lost to Khimki-2 - 75:80. The two-digit line of points scored was conquered by 4 basketball players of the Kazan team at once. Forward Fedor Manikhin has 23 points and 7 rebounds.

In the match for the 7th place, Kazan failed to cope with the Moscow Runa (71:81), despite 47 points for three Nikita Ivanov, Leonid Rumyantsev and Semeon Sharonov.

Forward of the white-greens Fedor Manikhin with an average score of 16.4 points became the most resultative player in the Final Eight of the Junior League Championship. Our team's guard Semen Sharonov was among the top three snipers in the final round (15 points per game). Yaroslav Prishedko became the leader in rebounds for UNICS-JBL (average 12 per match). In the top three in assists - Ilya Volodin (3.8).

Milos PAVICEVIC, UNICS-JBL head coach: 

«Overall, I am pleased with the diligence of my guys this season. I think we performed successfully, hitting the top eight teams. Unfortunately, not everything worked out in the final. We defeated SSOR from the Tver region, but lost to the rest of the participants. Of course, we strived for more, but progress is impossible without mistakes.The main thing is to draw the right conclusions! Among the positive aspects, I would like to note a stubborn struggle in every match, in some meetings we were close to victory. In addition, the players of our club, Manikhin and Sharonov, showed themselves excellently, becoming the best snipers in the final».

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