Lost to Olympiacos in overtime

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Despite 41 points for Lorenzo Brown and Isaiah Canaan, UNICS failed to put the squeeze on Olympiacos in the extra five minutes. A home defeat to flagship of Greek basketball with a score of 84:87 interrupted our team's 6-match winning streak.

UNICS (Kazan, Russia) - Olympiacos (Piraeus, Greece) - 84:87 OT (20:17, 20:25, 22:17, 15:18, 7:10).
UNICS: L. Brown (21 + 4 rebounds + 4 assists), Canaan (20 + 2 rebounds), Hezonja (11 + 7 rebounds + 4 assists + 4 steals + 1 block-shot), D. Brown III (11 + 2 selection + 2 interceptions).
Olympiacos: Vezenkov (22 + 8 rebounds + 4 steals + 3 assists + 2 blocks), Sloukas (12 + 8 assists + 2 steals + 2 assists), Larentzakis (10 + 6 rebounds + 5 assists), Fall ( 10 + 5 rebounds).


Velimir PERASOVIC, BC UNICS head coach
"The game was tough, like we thought it would be. We started the game good, but in the end of the first and beginning of the second quarter we played bad defense. After that the advantage went from one team to another. They key was in the beginning of overtime when we had problems to score. Both teams played similar defense, with a lot of switching. They attacked us inside. They have experienced players and they found a way to pass the ball in the last second, to create some advantage, and that's where the difference of 10 assists came from. The game could have gone both ways, but unfortunately went Olympiacos' way. We had a bad percentage of two-point shots, and lived from our three-point shots. When we missed three-point shots we had problems. Our problem was passing the ball inside to make easy baskets. We missed some easy baskets, even in good positions and situations. They had 64% and we had 45% of two-pointers. That is a key."

Mario Hezonja, BC UNICS forward
"Nothing really to say when you lose a game like this. Embarrassing to lose today and I cost my team the loss. Tough schedule ahead and another great test for us".

Isaiah Canaan, BC UNICS guard 
"It was a hard-fought game on both sides. They just made the one that counted at the end"!

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