UNICS three-pointers didn't give Parma a chance

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A hail of three-pointers (12 accurate long-range attempts out of 25) and 23 points by Daryl Macon helped UNICS to win over Parma-Pari in the second home match of the preseason - 85:75.

A test match. Kazan. Basket Hall.
UNICS (Kazan) – Parma-Pari (Perm Krai) – 85:75 (17:12, 26:22, 16:19, 26:22).
UNICS: Macon (23+3 rebounds), Reynolds (16+7 rebounds+2 assists), Labeyrie (15+9 rebounds), Zaitcev (13+2 rebounds), Ilnitsky (5+4 rebounds+3 assists), Razumov (4), Kulagin (4), Hunter (3), Zhbanov (2).

The most part of team points – 67 out of 85 - fell to the Macon–Reynolds–Labeyrie–Zaitcev quartet. The best sniper of the game was Daryl Macon (23 points with 4/6 three-pointers). Jalen Reynolds and Louis Labeyrie scored 31 points and 18 rebounds for two, and Vyacheslav Zaitcev contributed 14 more points (2/2 from behind the arc). The victory was ensured by the superiority of the hosts on boards (40 against 27 in rebounds), as well as a high percentage of long–range shots - 48% (12/25 three-pointers).

Our team started the game in the following roster: Stanislav Ilnitsky, Nenad Dimitrijevic, Louis Labery, Daryl Macon and Jalen Reynolds. From the first seconds, UNICS took the initiative into its own hands. In 40 minutes, Parma-Pari took the lead only once for a short time (9:10). The starting quarter ended with a score of 17:12 in favor of the white-greens. By the end of the second ten minutes, Velimir Perasovic's wards developed the advantage to the maximum "+14", and the teams left for a long break with mirror numbers on the scoreboard – 43:34. The hero of the first half was Daryl Macon, who scored 14 points.

The third period was left to the guests, who managed to get closer to the equator of the ten–minute throw - 46:44 in favor of UNICS. In the future, the white-green progressively increased the advantage, which by the buzzer again reached the double–digit mark - 85:75.

Anthony Brown, Sergey Polstyanov and Andrey Vorontsevich did not take part in the match.

Now, according to the plan, our team is to participate in the II Khayretdinov Cup, which will be held in Nizhny Novgorod next weekend, September 10 and 11.