We destroy "Baskonia" and return to the winning way!

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UNICS won their second home game in a row in the Euroleague, having confidently dealt with the Spanish "Baskonia" - 83:69. The hosts predetermined the result of the meeting in the first half, which they won with a 25-point handicap. The second quarter performed by Kazan team became one of the best in recent years!

Euroleague. Regular season. 6th round. UNICS (Kazan, Russia) - Baskonia (Vitoria, Spain) - 83:69 (24:17, 24: 6, 18:21, 17:25). UNICS: J.Brown (14 + 6 rebounds + 5 steals + 2 assists), Vorontsevich (14 + 7 rebounds + 3 assists + 2 block shots), Brantley (11 + 2 rebounds). Baskonia: Baldwin (23 + 5 rebounds), Costello (18 + 9 rebounds + 2 block shots), Sedekerskis (11 + 12 rebounds + 3 assists).

UNICS started the game with the following roster: John Brown III, Lorenzo Brown, Jarrell Brantley, Mario Hezonja and Andrey Vorontsevich. In the first quarter, Kazan started very well having scored the first three throws - 7: 3. And then UNICS gave an impressive spurt 10-0, 17: 6 on the scoreboard. Guests score only from a distance, 17:12, four in a row. With the first touch, the star debutant of Kazan O. J. Mayo scores. The result of the quarter is 24:17.

UNICS started the second quarter even more impressively, not allowing the Basque players to score a single point for six and a half minutes. The result was a powerful spurt of the hosts 18-0! And how briskly the "three" flew from the hosts - 48:19 from the hands of Isaiah Canaan, the eighth long-range hit of the Kazan team. "Baskonia" is in a stupor, the guests are failing. It has been a long time since UNICS defended so brilliantly, allowing the opponents to score only 6 points in these 10 minutes. 48:23 after the first half. Key numbers: rebounds 27-3, steals 7-2.

In the third quarter, the game calmed down a bit. The guests gradually came to their senses, the hosts slowed down their attack. Reaching the score 53:27, the Kazan team allowed the Spaniards to significantly improve their statistics, 57:38, 60:44. It is quite logical that Baskonia won this period, on the scoreboard 66:44. In the final ten minutes, UNICS returned the opponent to the appropriate distance - 75:50. Hezonja began to hit. It's time for Artem Komolov to make his debut in the Euroleague. Baskonia is trying to correct the difference - 79:65. But that's all. Confident victory for the hosts, 83:69.


Velimir PERASOVIC, BC UNICS head coach: 

“Especially in the first half we played very good and scored a lot of shots which is very important because in the previous games we had problems with scoring. Today in the first two quarters we scored 50 points which is not normal for us. A good performance on defense, so we had a good advantage. I’m happy because after two losses in a row this is a very important win. We always try to play good defense but in these first few games we had very bad percentages from two and three-point shooting, but today it was a little better. When you score it’s easier to play defense. Congratulations to my players. They really worked hard to take this victory, and the first half was the best we have played so far this season.”


“We prepared very hard for this game and we know the Baskonia team are very strong, young and talented. They run and run and it’s not easy to play against them, but today we were stronger. This is teamwork, and for sure individual points are very important but everything starts with our hard defense. For me it’s more important that we shared the ball very well, we got a lot of rebounds. Baskonia is the first team in EuroLeague on offensive rebounds and we prepared for that. This is the teamwork that we build every day. I hope for the next games it will be the same.”

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