CSKA interrupted the 7-away match win streak of UNICS

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Kazan suffered their first defeat away in the VTB United League since November 10, losing in the battle of leaders CSKA Moscow with a score of 77:91 and remaining in 2nd place in the regular season table.

«Army men» already at the start of the meeting ran away to a double-digit distance. For the entire 40 minutes, the white-greens made desperate attempts to overtake the multiple national champion. In the opening of the final quarter, UNICS returned to the game, approaching the distance of two possessions (72:68). But, unfortunately, CSKA left the ending behind and interrupted the 7-match winning streak of the Tatarstan club in the away match of the VTB League, which lasted almost 4 months.

Our guys outperformed the hosts under the baskets (34 to 23 in rebounds), but they sinned with unforced errors – 18 turnovers against 10 opponents.

Daryl MACON (21 + 4 rebounds), Nenad Dimitrijevic (17 + 9 assists) and Louis LABEYRIE (13 points + 5 rebounds) became the most productive members of the Kazan team. Due to a knee injury, Georgy ZHBANOV did not take part in the match.


Velimir PERASOVIC, BC UNICS head coach:

«First of all, I congratulate CSKA on the victory. We showed terrible defense, we lacked attitude and toughness. We conceded 53 points in the first half, thought more about how to score and forgot about defense. CSKA plays fast, often attacks in the first seconds of possession. Today they hit difficult balls and went into fast breaks. We played better in the third quarter – and, in general, in the second half, we managed to get to a distance of 4-5 points. But it wasn't enough. I think our form is far from optimal now. We are playing worse than at the beginning of the season».


«At the beginning of the match, we made several mistakes, which gave CSKA to feel confident and create a reserve. In the second half we looked better, we fought, but it's very difficult to catch up with the "army" on their court. Of course, we want to minimize errors. I hope this defeat will harden us. We will learn a lesson and try to show more team basketball in the next matches».