Exchanged wins with Zenit

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The day before, UNICS beat the team from the banks of the Neva in the first friendly game of the off-season (72:63). In the second match in 48 hours, the champions took over UNICS with a score of 75:67 (17:16, 21:16, 19:21,18:14). Blue-white-blue have shown that they can quickly learn from their own mistakes.

In the starting five of Kazan team were Vyacheslav Zaitcev, Daryl Macon, Georgy Zhbanov, Louis Labeyrie and Vince Hunter. Throughout the match, UNICS was in the role of catching up. Kazan made a lot of effort to win back, pulled ahead 3 minutes before the end of the final ten minutes thanks to the efforts of Reynolds and Ilnitsky, but the hosts did not allow the white-greens to develop leadership.

Jalen Reynolds became the most resultative and effective in the composition of both teams, who scored 29 (!) points in the Zenit basket, adding 5 rebounds and 2 assists. Another 23 points, 10 rebounds and 3 assists in the assets of Louis Labeyrie and Stanislav Ilnitsky for two.


Jalen Reynolds (29 points; 5 rebounds; 2 assists; 28 CP)
Louis Labeyrie (13 points; 5 rebounds; 18 CP)
Stanislav Ilnitsky (10 points; 5 rebounds; 2 assists; 13 CP)
Daryl Macon (6 points; 5 rebounds; 4 assists)
Vince Hunter (4 points; 2 rebounds and a steal)
Vyacheslav Zaitcev (3 points; rebounding and interception)
Alexander Razumov (2 points; 2 rebounds).

Nenad Dimitrijevic, Anthony Brown, Andrey Vorontsevich, Artem Zabelin and Sergey Polstyanov did not take part in the match.