UNICS-2 got two home wins

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Our youth team at its home court won 2 victories over their peers from Parma-M with a score of 80:65 and 102:73.

In the first match, after an equal start, our guys managed to get the victory thanks to a 16:2 spurt in the middle of the 4th period.

The most productive was guard Sergey POLSTYANOV (18+7 rebounds + 3 assists + 3 steals). Forward Alexander KALASHNIKOV scored a double-double (17+12 rebounds +3 assists). Another 10 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals were brought by the white-green guard Vladimir NAUMOV.

The Kazan team repeatedly surpassed the Permians under offensive board, taking 25 against 7 rebounds, and also forced the opponent to lose the ball more often - 24 against 15 in turnovers.

The next day, the meeting was held under the dictation of the team of Andrey Kibenko. Having seized the advantage at the start, our guys confidently brought the matter to a crushing victory (102:73).

The key to success was a high percentage of 3-point shots (16 of 31 long-range attempts reached the goal), as well as the superiority of our guys on rebounding (48 against 28 rebounds).

Sergey POLSTYANOV, who caught the courage, updated the season record by shipping 36 points (8/14 three-pointers) to the opponent's basket, adding 8 rebounds and 3 assists to them. Artem KIZILOV showed himself vividly, shooting 20 points and realizing 4 more of 8 long-range hits.

Andrey Kibenko's team will play their next matches on March 24 and 25 in Krasnodar against the leader of the championship Lokomotiv-Kuban-2.

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