UNICS is the team of the Cups


UNICS is the team of the Cups 14.05.2014 UNICS participated in the Cup of Russia Championship for the 9-th time. It should be also noted that all the years UNICS stayed to be the Cup team.For today, there is no more team in the country which constantly appeared in the best three teams while participating in the Cup of Russia Championship. (UNICS won the Cup in 2003,2009, and in 2005,2007,2010 UNICS used to play in the final matches and in 2004, 2006,2008 UNICS  held  the third place in the Cup Championship).

   Before the answer play against "Lokomotiv"  UNICS had +21-point advantage. Moscow wins of "Loko" over "CSKA" raised all mass interest towards the play.Actually, no one could give the definite answer who would win the game and become the prizer.Only the game could answer.

   Trinchieri let the Russian players start the game: Antipov, Kurbanov and Sokolov. Goudelock and Zisis were also in the start line-up.  Let us mention the fact that Antipov, who substitutes the deceased Kaimakoglou, has been improving his play, from match to match. After his successful three- point shot, the head- coach of "Loko" requested time-out.9:4. After that Zisis collected three points in one attack ( 2+1), 12: 4. There is no doubt, that the key-player, the main character of the match was Goudelock. That was the player who Trinchieri would call a "player of genius" then. And that was really so- the play that Andrew showed in the match can be hardly analyzed in one's mind, as that was purely fantastic, the space basketball, of another planet. All the Kazanians played in a calm and confident manner, each minute brought extra points to our team, the host-team was trying to drive to the basket, but Kazan defence was strong. Dribble often stopped, not being even close to the basket. Shots could happen only through resistance and that was,surely, not an easy situation for successful basket. The final score of the first quarter was 27: 18,having accelerated the score advantage to 30 points.

  In the second period "Loko" did not change the strategy, so in the middle of the quarter UNICS led with the score- 35: 22. Another one-minute break, requested by Pashutin, corrected the situation in a way.  The host-team started playing with confidence, Hendrix was good at defence. In fact, the second ten-minute period was lost by UNICS- 4: 13, but the final score after the first half of the game was 39: 35. The play still intrigued.

 But for Andrew Goudelock, nobody would tell what results the host-team could show in the play-ground after the long- break,because of their strong wish to win and concentration. Goudelock managed to throw in a drive to the basket with an incredible trajectory, then two successful three- point shots, 50: 37, in the 4-th minute of the third quarter. Soon the American players of " Loko" made up ground to 52: 47. No one can call the answer play against the opponent-team an easy one, even having such an impressive win in the home game. Goudelock was useful again: 7/8 three-point shots. 71: 56- after his two more three- point successful shots. The point gap jumped to + 36. An interesting fact that the same quantity of points Goudelock collected in the match.+ 45- in the 6-th minute of the final quarter, 88: 64.

  UNICS has won the Cup of Russia for the third rime in its history. In 9 Cup seasons our team has three first competition sites, two times the second ones and three rimes- the third ones. Vladimir Veremeenko has been acknowledged as the best Power forward of the Cup of Russia in 2013/2014 season. Incomparable Goudelock has become the MVP, having added the title of the best player of the Cup of Russia to the titles of the best player of the Europe Cup and the best player of the Regular Championship of the United VTB- League.

Aftermatch comment:
Andrea Trinchieri, head- coach of UNICS:

- Russia is a gtreat country, we have won the great trophey, because all the best Russian teams participated in the Championship.We had a difficult week after our loss from "Valencia", but today we have showed a remarkable play. Goudelock is the player of genius. The opponent team was a very strong one, with very talented players. I can compare them to the players of "Real". "Lokomotiv" had performed many bright plays in the season, if only to remember recent wins over CSKA! And UNICS is an uncomfortable opponent team for "Lokomotiv".

Eugeny Pashutin, head- coach od "Lokomotiv- Kuban":
- Let me congratulate UNICS on the victory that the Club deserves. Unfortunately, we have no stable way of the play. Matches against CSKA and UNICS are absolutely different. When we are good at defence, the play is running well, when we lose a lot as today... The defence was awful. The directive about Goudelock was not fulfilled, and he was the most important player to stop. There was no balance in offense. There must be a stable play for the team to become the team of the high level.

V. Tambov,
O. Egorova- translation

May,14. Krasnodar. Basket-hall. the Cup of Russia. Final.
"Lokomotiv- Kuban"- "UNICS" 76: 93 ( 18: 27, 17: 12, 21: 32, 20: 22).

The most resulting: Brown (25), Hendrix ( 9)- in "Lokomotiv'-Kuban",
Goudelock ( 36), Vougioukas ( 13), Antipov (10)- in "UNICS".