CSKA broke UNICS' 8-match winning streak

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10.11.2022 After 8 wins in a row, the Kazan team, drained of blood by the absence of three potential players of the starting five due to injuries at once, suffered its first defeat of the season on the road, losing in the match of the leaders of the VTB United League to CSKA Moscow with a score of 79:92 and remaining in 2nd place in the regular season table.

The key turned out to be a one-and-a-half-minute segment in the opening of the second half, when CSKA discouraged UNICS with a 7:0 spurt and broke away to a 9-point distance, which the white-greens later failed to eliminate. Our team made half as many losses (7 to 14), but failed to cope with the "army" under the basket, losing 16 rebounds (25 against 41 from the hosts).

Labeyrie's long–range hit and Dimitrijevic's effective pass left the opening quarter for UNICS - 21:23. A three–point shot by the Shved sent the teams to a big break with a small handicap of CSKA - 42:40. The key was a 10:0 spurt at the junction of the halves, which was crowned with a "three" from the corner of Ware - 49:40 after a minute and a half from the beginning of the 3rd period. Towards the equator of the quarter, Milutinov from the paint made the home team's advantage double-digit for the first time (60:49). Despite the desperate attempts of our guys to chase, the "army" managed to keep the guests at a safe distance and inflict the first defeat of the season on UNICS – 79:92.

Velimir Perasovic's team will play its next match on November 14 in Kazan against Parma-Pari.

CSKA (Moscow) - UNICS (Kazan) - 92:79 (21:23, 21:17, 29:20, 21:19).
CSKA: Milutinov (24 + 12 rebounds), Moore (21), Shved (20 + 9 assists + 5 rebounds), Ware (12).
UNICS: Dimitrijevic (18 + 6 assists), Zaitcev (15), Hunter (12 + 6 rebounds), Labeyrie (10 + 6 rebounds)


Velimir PERASOVIC, BC UNICS head coach:

«Congratulations to CSKA on the victory. They are the best team of the tournament for the moment. They play very easily, especially offensively, and have the best team. I hope that in the future, when our injured players return to the court, we will be able to compete with them. So far it is very difficult. We tried our best, I am happy with the actions of the players on the court».

Vince HUNTER, BC UNICS forward:

«It was a hard fought game. We played hard, we just have to limit a couple of mistakes and start the 3rd quarter off better. But I’m always proud of how hard we can play and fight».

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