In the battle of the leaders, UNICS is stronger than CSKA!

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Yielding in the course of the match with a double-digit difference, UNICS showed character and achieved a strong-willed victory in the battle of the leaders over the defending VTB United League champion and one of the most titled clubs in Europe, CSKA Moscow with a score of 69:64! Isaiah Canaan and Mario Hezonja for two brought the hosts 2/3 points of the team, having implemented 8 of 16 three-pointers.

VTB United League. Regular season.
UNICS (Kazan) - CSKA (Moscow) - 69:64 (13:18, 19:18, 15:14, 22:14).
UNICS: Canaan (25 + 4 rebounds + 2 assists + 2 steals), Hezonja (21 + 6 rebounds + 2 assists + 2 steals), L. Brown (8 + 7 assists).
CSKA: Lundberg (15 + 3 rebounds + 3 steals + 2 assists), Clyburn (15 + 2 assists), Shengelia (11 + 7 rebounds).


UNICS started the game with the following roster: John Brown, Lorenzo Brown, Jarrell Brantley, Mario Hezonja and Dmitry Uzinsky.
In the first quarter, UNICS started very badly, not scoring four and a half minutes, until Lorenzo Brown converted two free throws - 2:8. Isaiah Kanaan hit from a distance, felt better - 5: 8. The result of the quarter is 13:18, and Canaan has 10 points.
In the second quarter, Canaan's third three in a row brought UNICS closer to CSKA by one free kick - 19:20. But the army team managed to break away again - 19:31. Again, thanks to Canaan's heroism, ours managed to make a leap - 29:34. And a great ending from UNICS - Hezonyi's breakaway and dunk. The result of the first half is 32:36. Key numbers: rebounds 16-19, turn-overs 9-8 and free throws 7-14.
And again the start of the quarter is not in our favor - 32:42. And again UNICS rushes in pursuit, 39:44 after a long-range shot by Hezonja. But CSKA doesn’t let it any closer, Kazan’s losses are in the way, already 12. Closed the quarter in the last second of Hezonja with his next “three” - 47:50. But four fouls in the liability of John Brown.
In the last ten minutes, the two masters' heroes Hezonja and Canaan close the gap to a minimum - 51:52. Finally, Lorenzo Brown, after a steal, takes UNICS ahead for the first time in the match - 57:56. CSKA continues to steadily implement free throws - 63:64 with 3-40 left. The climax of the match. 65:64 in half a minute. Free-throws by Hezonja for 0-27 - 67:74. Jekiri added two more free throws - 69:64 for 0-15. UNICS defeats CSKA and becomes the sole leader of the VTB United League!


Velimir PERASOVIC, BC UNICS head coach:
“I think we started very badly, without confidence, we acted unsuccessfully in the attack. CSKA took the lead very quickly. Throughout the meeting, we tried to catch up with them and, fortunately, we succeeded in the end. It was a game from defense, which turned out to be in our favor, because we always gain within this number of points. But if we want to win important games away, we need to do better offensively. ”

“In my opinion, the match turned out to be very interesting in terms of the intensity of passions. The leaders of the VTB United League championship met, everyone wanted to win. Until the last minute, it was not clear who would be the winner in the end. We are glad that we managed to please the fans with the result, who helped and energized us today. Thankful to them very much! We build our game and add from match to match in team interactions. Of course, I would like to limit the number of mistakes that we make. It's great that we continue to win, because victories are very important for strengthening the team spirit. "


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