The finish spurt was not enough to win in France

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In the course of the final quarter of the away match against the 20-time French champion ASVEL, our team was 60:70 behind, but with heroic efforts they managed to eliminate the double-digit gap and approach the opponents by the throw distance (79:81 in the last minute after two consecutive hits by Mario Hezonja). However,  the hosts from the free- throw line in the end brought victory to the main opening of the Euroleague season - 85:82. Hezonja turned on Supermario mode with 27 points and 6 rebounds. Andrey Vorontsevich missed the match due to injury.

Euroleague. Regular season. 8th round.
ASVEL (Villeurbanne, France) - UNICS (Kazan) - 85:82 (21:24, 18:12, 26:21, 20:25).
UNICS: Hezonja (27 + 6 rebounds + 2 assists), L. Brown (12 + 7 assists + 6 rebounds + 4 steals), Jekiri (12 + 6 rebounds + 2 steals), Canaan (10), J.Brown (9 +5 rebounds + 2 steals).
ASVEL: Jones (25 + 3 rebounds + 3 assists), Lighty (19), Okobo (17 + 6 rebounds).

Having played an overall good match with the 20-time French champion, UNICS lost today 82:85 to ASVEL in the Lyon suburb of Villerbant. SuperMario Hezonja's 27 points were also missing.
The Kazan team started the game with the following line-up: John Brown, Lorenzo Brown, Jarrell Brantley, Mario Hezonja and Dmitry Uzinsky.
In the first quarter, the French quickly took the lead 8: 0, and received seven points in response, 8: 7 and answered with six - 14: 7. Serial firefight. 14:14, two accurate long-range shots to Marco Spissu and Isaiah Canaan, three steals left the first period for the guests. 21:24.
In the second period UNICS continued to play - 25:30 after being hit by Hezonja. But the hosts caught up, we can't cope with Chris Jones - 32:32. Snatch of the French 10-0, 37:32. As a result, the hosts won the quarter and the first half, 39:36. Key numbers: rebounds 14-10, steals 1-6, turn-overs 7-4.
In the third quarter, four accurate three-point hits allowed the French to break away in the score - 57:47 in the middle of the period. It is impossible to stop the attack of ASVEL, the hosts attack with a good hit percentage - 65:53 at the end of the period. Only in the end, due to the usual steals, did Kazan close the gap, 65:57.
In the final ten minutes, Hezonja continued to torment the hosts' defense - 71:66. Jekiri adds after Hezonja's miss - 71:68 with four minutes left. The hosts almost never miss from the three-second zone. Hezonja does not stop - 81:79 with 50 seconds left. Alas, it was not possible to catch up with the French, 85:82.


Velimir PERASOVIC, BC UNICS head coach:
“We couldn't stop them on offense at the end of the game. They scored too easily in the second half. It was a great performance by their players. We always tried, but we didn't have a real opportunity. When we got to 2 points, they made free throws and it is really difficult to win here if you can't stop them in one-on-one situations.”
John BROWN III, BC UNICS forward:
"We lost. It was tough, but it’s still early so we have a chance to turn it around. They have good one-on-one players, so this is something we need to work on in the future."


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