We do not leave Avtodor a chance!

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UNICS discouraged the guests with a 10:0 rush in the starting minute and a half and further only increased its lead, having achieved a convincing home victory over Avtodor - 106:76 and opened the scoring in the VTB United League quarterfinal playoff series up to 3 wins. The white-greens showed an incredible percentage of two-point attempts (61%) and three-point attempts (61%), having converted 17 (!) of 28 shots from behind the arc. In addition, the hosts made almost 5 times more steals (14 to 3) and forced the opponents to lose balls twice as often - 22 to 10 in losses. Immediately 5 basketball players of our team scored double-digit points. The best sniper was OJ Mayo - 16 points (4/5 three-pointers). Triumphantly returned to UNICS Lorenzo Brown, who was only 2 assists short of a double-double (14 points and 8 assists). Zeljko Šakic and Jaron Johnson both sent 27 points to their former team's basket. At the same time, the Croatian forward never missed from behind the arc - 3/3 three-pointers. UNICS leader Mario Hezonja missed the opening playoff match due to illness. The second match of the series will take place on the Basket Hall court on Monday, April 25, at 19.00.

VTB United League. Playoffs. 1/4 finals. 1st match.

UNICS (Kazan) - Avtodor (Saratov) - 106:76 (23-18, 33-22, 25-21, 25-15).
UNICS: Mayo (16+2 rebounds+2 steals), Brown (14+8 assists+3 steals+1 blocks), Sakic (14+2 rebounds), Johnson (13+4 rebounds+3 assists+2 steals) , Zaitcev (11+3 rebounds+3 assists), Jekiri (9+5 rebounds+2 steals), Vorontsevich (9+3 assists).
Avtodor: Mikhailovsky (18+10 rebounds+6 assists), Minchenko (16+8 rebounds), Kvitkovskikh (12+2 rebounds+1 block shot), Sergeev (12+2 assists).


Velimir PERASOVIC, BC UNICS head coach:

“First of all, congratulations to the team. It is important that we started the playoffs with a win. At the beginning of the meeting we played well, but in some moments our defense was not what we wanted. The guys acted with desire, but the two-week absence of the practice of official matches affected the rhythm of the game. So now we need time, because we have a lot of new recruits. Even Lorenzo Brown is a new basketball player for UNICS because he doesn't know newcomers, he needs to understand how they think on the court, how they make decisions. So it's only natural that we experienced problems in the first match with actually four new basketball players. But I think that over time we will play together and become better.”

Vyacheslav ZAYTCEV, BC UNICS guard:

“The first playoff match is always very important. We had enough time to prepare. We wanted to please our fans with a beautiful game and win. We went out on the court in the most tuned and from the first minutes we made a break. In the future, with each quarter, they increased their advantage and confidently won. Congratulations to the team and our fans on a winning start to the playoffs.”

Vladislav KONOVALOV, BC Avtodor head coach:

“The start of the first quarter turned out to be discouraging for us – 0:10. We could not immediately determine our pattern of the game. In a timeout, we got a charge, rebuilt the defense, began to act aggressively and returned to the game. But UNICS was good today! The hosts showed an excellent percentage of hits from the perimeter - 61% with 17 three-pointers made, which made it difficult for us to fight them. Although we aimed to resist. They tried not to let the opponent go far in the score thanks to their own high percentage of hits from behind the arc, the guys found successful attacks. However, turnovers are our scourge. Young players do not cope psychologically under pressure. We must add in this component. If we had not made so many unforced errors, I am convinced that the game would have turned out differently. Congratulations to UNICS on the victory! Ahead of the second duel in Kazan. We will make adjustments and draw conclusions. I hope we improve and play differently. Each playoff match is an experience and a new challenge for us.”

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