Zenit ties the score in the series

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We lost to one of the leaders of the championship in the second match in 48 hours with a score of 67:76. Lorenzo Brown (25+3 rebounds+3 assists) and Mario Hezonja, who did not capture 2 rebounds before a double-double (13+8), became the most productive in the Kazan team today. The score in the semifinal series to 3 wins becomes 1:1. The next match will take place on the court of Kazan "Basket Hall" on Wednesday, May 11, at 20.00.

Zenit (St. Petersburg) - UNICS (Kazan) - 76:67 (21:15, 19:18, 20:14, 16:20).

Zenit: Loyd (17+5 assists), Baron (18+5 assists), Poythress (12+7 rebounds), Mikey (11+7 rebounds).

UNICS: Brown (25), Hezonja (13+8 rebounds). 


Velimir PERASOVIC, BC UNICS head coach

«Congratulations to Zenit on the victory. Today's match took shape according to the opponent's scenario. They managed to neutralize Mario Hezona and deservedly won. Now we are returning home and we will prepare for the next fight. I promise that in Kazan we will demonstrate our best level and do our best to please our fans with a positive result».

William Mosley, BC UNICS center

«We had a slow first half but we was still in the game. Second half we fought very hard, they hit some big shot when it counted but kept it close. It’s not over yet, now we are going back home to prepare for the next game».


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